The PlanEdit

Phase One - PrepareEdit

Cost = less than $100,000

  1. Gather Information
    1. Timeline - Now
    2. Driver - Everyone
  2. Acquire Access

"Though the line is on city property (a right-of-way easement was granted to various owners over the years), Canadian Pacific must officially "abandon" it. This can't be done without the permission of the federal Surface Transportation Board, which has to decide that the line is no longer needed for its original economic purpose and that a competent new manager will take it over.

Canadian Pacific has already agreed to sell the line to the city for $1. Control eventually will pass to the Chicago Park District, which will handle design and management issues and probably hold more community meetings to refine the plans. Luckily, the city owns the land--in New York, Friends of the High Line has had to go to court to protect that line from owners of the private property it winds through who favor demolition." [ link]

    1. Secure permit for volunteer cleanup by January 2009
  1. Organize Clean Up Days
    1. Timeline - To be planned by April 2009 - active throughout summer 2009

At the end of Phase one, there will be a thoroughly discussed plan for the remaking of the park. It will conclude in May 2009.

Phase Two - Basic usabilityEdit

Cost = less than $200,000

The goal for this phase will be to install basic usability for the park. Basic needs include

  1. Signs
  2. Simple access - ladders, temporary wood steps.
  3. No Litter
  4. Marked hazards
  5. Basic fences in high risk locations
  6. Engineering study done

At the end of phase two, the trail will be safe for adults during dry daylight hours. It will not be an open park, or safe for children. This will be complete before the first frost of 2009. The primary goal for this phase is to get as many adults on the trail and build support in the community.

Phase Three - Full AccessEdit

Cost = Engineering study needed + $200,000 fence

During this phase the primary focus will be safety.

  1. Any necessary bridge construction will be done.
  2. Fence will be constructed along the entire route.
  3. Lighting of the entire path.
  4. Security for adjacent buildings

This will take place in the spring and summer of 2010

Phase Four - Finishing(expensive) touchesEdit

Cost = Several million dollars

- Handicap access - Sidewalk/ Bike paths - Additional access points - Complimentary parks - Complimentary bike routes

This will be installed as needed from 2010 - 2015.

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