We are "Building a NEW Chicago" - not that there's anything that wrong with The Old Chicago.

I mean, Hey. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown and Big Jim Walter not to mention Al Capone and the Daley Machine create an image of Chi-Town, the city of big shoulders, the hog-butcher of the world and whatever looped out spin of the city's wide reputation have given Hollywood and the cheap novel industry plenty of fodder to last on into the next few Centuries. 21st Century Chicago must get on with a plan that keeps up with the Seattles, Portlands and even the Detroits of this new age of gadgetry, social engineering, green building and totalitarian politics.

Jesus, we've got work to do!

The Promise of a Different Spin

Along with easy-to-edit sites like this one and a few select profiles of current city-blessed projects, social media, the gift economy, crowd-sourcing and funding, open data, open government and enhanced educational models, Chicago is poised to create a new identity in the world based in social and cultural capital and self-organizing structures and function that characterize the manifold nature and nurture of any city that will survive the imminent storm of economic chaos, climate crisis, energy crunch, and total social mayhem predicted, prognosticated, and even promoted by the so-called "powers that be" whether classified as gangs or governments or anything in between.

Chicago and all the cities of the Rust Belt have to re-tool at every level. It's an emergent fact that something or someone is going to have to give. Even the amateur sociologist or grassroots missionary can see that the culture and condition of the American City must adapt or fail miserably. The people of this city are known for their tenacity, vigor and robust adaptability in the times of crisis. The History of Chicago is pretty well covered. Let's use this wiki to gather and disseminate the Future of Chicago from "down here" in the grass roots.

The Project Roster[]

A number of projects emerge from both the Government of Chicago and from movements within active hyper-local groups of forward-thinking citizens in the tradition of the Chicago Freedom Movement.

City-blessed projects[]

The Grass Roots[]

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    • Heurta Roots and Rays
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  • Humboldt Park
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Emergence and Emergency[]

future section about the debacle between the planned design and the emergent reality of cities in general and how Chicago may serve as a prototype for the "emergent city" and/or yet another fine example of a city rife with an unending series of emergencies.