Mideval Times[]


A Swampy area was Katolis is the largest of the five Human Kingdoms, both in size and military might. Its signature colors are red and gold, and its banner bears the kingdom’s seal, the uneven towers of Katolis Castle. As Katolis shares its border with Xadia, the kingdom has a long history of conflict and war with the magical lands to the east. 300 years ago, a human orphan became the Queen of Katolis.

For almost a decade, Katolis had been under the rule of King Harrow, the orphan's descendant. After approached by Annika and Neha, the queens of Duren, who expressed their need for aid due to a building famine in their kingdom, King Harrow led his armies to The Border to harvest the heart of a Magma Titan. However, during their mission they were caught by the Dragon King, Avizandum, leading to a battle between the two parties. During this fight, Katolis would lose Queen Sarai, as the dragon's attacks fatally wounded her.

In the end, Harrow killed Avizandum and left behind his only heir, who was encased in an egg. The mage Viren then stole the egg and placed it in a hidden chamber beneath the castle where no one could ever find it, leading all of Xadia, and even Viren's allies, to believe that it had been destroyed. In retaliation, the Dragon Queen Zubeia sent elven assassins to kill Harrow and his son Prince Ezran. However, Ezran and his half-brother Prince Callum turned one of the assassins, Rayla, over to their side when they showed her the egg and the three of them left for Xadia in the hopes of returning the egg to its mother. Despite this, the elves had succeeded in killing King Harrow, and Runaan, the leader of the assassins, sent word of their success to Zubeia before being captured.

Katolis barely had a day to mourn before Lord Viren held a funeral against the tradition of seven days of mourning and publicly announced the princes' deaths. However, before he could be crowned Lord Protector, General Amaya returned and announced that the princes were, in fact, alive, thwarting his attempt to seize power when the king's body was barely cold. Distrusting Viren's intentions, Amaya made it clear to find the princes and refused to stand in as Queen Regent, as well as having her second-in-command, Commander Gren, stay behind in Katolis to aid in finding the princes. However, Viren had Gren imprisoned in the castle dungeons as soon as Amaya left, and ordered his son, Soren, to assassinate the princes, believing they would make weak kings.

Viren later attempted to rally the High Council into calling a summit of the Pentarchy against the threat of Xadia as Sunfire Elf soldiers were gathering at The Border, but Opeli stated that only a monarch could call a summit and stressed that finding the princes was to remain their top priority. Thus, Viren went behind the High Council's back and used King Harrow's seal to call the summit. When he returned from the unsuccessful summit, Opeli had discovered his treachery and later had him arrested for treason.

Soon after Ezran had returned he was going through some tough struggles as king because of Viren's actions many people wanted revenge especially Prince Kasef but Ezran refused. Opeli understanding the young king's position he suggested he have regent. Aware of the upcoming war Ezran wished to set those who didn't want to fight free and was imprisoned in Viren's place but due to some loyal friends he escaped. Meanwhile Viren marched his army into Xadia. With elves, humans and dragons working together, Ezran and the others stopped Viren's army and he took the throne back.

Goblin Slayer Arc[]

The Titan War[]

Shiganshina in anime..png

In the year 1890, the Colossal Titan breached Wall Maria and the front gate of Chicago by kicking a hole through it, allowing Titans to overrun the city. Shortly afterward, the Armored Titan broke down the back gate, fully breaching Wall Maria and forcing humanity to abandon Wall Maria and retreat behind Wall Rose. It is also the first city to be attacked by the Titans after a century of peace.

There is little mention of Chicago after the attack. Erwin decides to appear at the recruitment ceremony of the 104th Cadet Corps to persuade them to join the Scout Regiment. Erwin mentions the basement in Eren's house, and how it can hold the answer to the mystery of the Titans. He also explains that to access this basement, they would need to find a way to reclaim Chicago and Wall Maria altogether. A month later, Erwin and the Scout Regiment set out on the 57th exterior mission as a practice run to Shiganshina.

Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover, and Ymir rest on top of the Wall in Shiganshina, after escaping the horde of Titans sent to attack them with the Coordinate. Ymir thanks Reiner and Bertholdt for inadvertently rescuing her from her nightmare, by attacking the Walls, and promises to return with them to their Hometown.

Zeke is seen waiting on top of the inner gate of Shiganshina, having recently ejected from his Titan.

After the coronation of Historia Reiss, Reiner, Bertholdt, and the Beast Titan are stationed in Shiganshina, awaiting the arrival of the Scout Regiment in order to steal the Coordinate from Eren.

When the plans to retake Wall Maria are ready, the Scout Regiment start an expedition towards Shiganshina at night time, when most of the Titans would be inactive. After the soldiers arrive in the district, they begin the operation with 100 soldiers traveling to the exterior gate covered with hoods and cloaks to confuse the enemy so they would not know which soldier is Eren. After making his way to the top of the Wall, Eren freezes when he sees his hometown for the first time in 5 years, but is quickly pushed on by Levi Ackermann and he makes his way to the gate, preparing to transform. Finally, Eren transforms and seals the hole in the outer gate with his hardened Titan body.

However, their seeming success is soon interrupted by the arrival of the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan, during which the latter kills most of the soldiers inside the district and destroys much of the abandoned city, save for the members of Squad Levi and Hange. During this, the Beast Titan wipes out the soldiers evacuating the Scouts' horses, fatally wounding Erwin Smith in the process. However, a last-ditch assault concocted by the survivors sees the Armored and Colossal Titans successfully incapacitated, with Reiner and Bertholdt captured alive. The Beast Titan is also disarmed by Levi, who wipes out his army of Titans surrounding the district.

The battle sees the near-death of Armin Arlelt, who is administered the Titan injection by Levi and resurrects by gaining the power of the Titans. While Zeke and Reiner are rescued by the Cart Titan, Bertholdt is eaten alive by the transformed Armin, as the remaining Warriors are forced to retreat from Shiganshina.

Nine months later, after all the Titans inside Wall Maria had been killed with the Executioners from Hell, the former residents of Shiganshina return to live in the city.

The Reeves Company is given the responsibility to reconstruct the district by the military. However, in 1891, the military forcefully evacuates all the citizens of Chicago. This order spreads confusion around the populace.

However, Cadet Corps sessions under Keith Sadies are still being held inside Shiganshina. Following the emergence of the Jaegerists, the group interrupts one exercise in order to seize control of the training regiment. The complex serves as a headquarters for the Jaegerists, as well as a prison for their adversaries. Those held captive in the prison include military branch leaders Dot Pyxis and Nile Dawk, a group of Scout Regiment officers, the Braus family, and two Warrior candidates.

After being infiltrated by Warriors Pieck and Galliard, Shiganshina becomes the scene of battle once more when Pieck leads Eren Jaeger into a trap at the military HQ. Though the Jaw Titan's ambush fails, Marleyan airships holding Theo Magath and the remainder of the Warriors fly into the district's proximity.

A.I Creation[]

In the Year 2020, on the efforts of a homeland cybersecurity team to counter "a rogue AI with the ability to constantly improve itself


In 2035, Chicago acquired the U.S Robotics ("USR" for short) is a megacorporation that serves as the world's leading robotics engineering and development industry, based in the United States.

Founded by Alfred Lanning, they are responsible for creating the NS-4 and NS-5 robots. The robots have also NS-5 model much more speed, strength, smarter, faster, and many more. The USR has many forms of transportation. They use huge, truck-like vehicles to transport thousand of robots. The trucks were used in the scene of the movie to release many robots to attack Spooner. The Trucks have also self driving capabilities and for more faster transportation reasons. Trucks can also drive sideways and reach speeds even for the own trucks weight, with also led headlights.

Robots: The USR is responsible for creating Sonny and many other NS-5 robots. However, the robots turned against their creators, and soon invaded the USR's HQ. Luckily, Del was able to end the invasion. The NS-5’s robots are last seen being stored away in containers and cargos to unknown location. Under the broken bridge. The robots have advanced agility and improved strength. They also have a smart AI.



Correspondingly with the creation of a new seemingly utopian society, the city broke off ties from the United States outside and erected a fence around its borders, keeping in all the inhabitants, keeping the city away from those who could harm. However, the fence bordering Chicago was constructed by the Bureau of Genetic Welfare in order to keep the city from knowing the reasoning of Chicago's secrets. Most of the city is now abandoned or in ruins. Navy Pier, for instance, is in decay with most of its attractions, such as the Ferris wheel, deemed unusable but still worn. What was once Millennium Park is now no more than a barren pile of grass and a large steel beam. Lake Michigan has dried up, becoming a marsh rather than a lake. It is said that north of the bridge, the buildings near the center of the city such as the previously called Willis Tower (also known as the Sears Tower to the older Chicagoans) are in good, habitable conditions, while those within the outskirts of tare in shambles.

Certain prominent contemporary Chicago landmarks are noted throughout the series but they have different or no associations for the characters. For example, portions of the important Chicago streets State Street, Michigan Avenue, and Lake Shore Drive remain, and those names remain in use. In Divergent, Tris interacts with a famous modern-day Chicago sculpture "Cloud Gate " (though currently commonly called "The Bean," given by its unusual shape), but she does not know its name or history. In Allegiant, Tris and Tobias had a date in Millenium Park at what was once known as the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, climbing on top of the famous metal pieces. There are also references to the famous Buckingham Fountain, though according to Tris the fountain has long been out of use.

Prominent buildings in contemporary Chicago serve as headquarters for different factions. For instance, Candor resides in what Tris and Tobias refer to as "the Merciless Mart"; in the past, this would have been the Merchandise Mart, a massive building that was once the largest building in the world.

The city is divided into sections that house each one of five factions; Erudite, Abnegation, Amity, Candor, and Dauntless. The factionless, on the other hand, are spread across abandoned parts of the city, living as nomads

Dictatorship Begins[]


The Fright Zone is the kingdom where Hordak rebuilt his army after being transported to Etheria. It is one of the main seven Kingdoms of Etheria, and was formerly ruled by a race of Scorpion hybrids before the arrival of the Horde. It is the home of the Black Garnet runestone. The Fright Zone exists within a barren, polluted wasteland full of broken-down machines. It is comprised mainly of aging technology, pipes, and piles of discarded junk situated within what appears to be a large crater with raised, spiked edges. At the center of The Fright Zone, there's a large tower or ship with jagged edges that resembles a giant insect. Leading out of the Fright Zone, a large canyon filled with machinery opens up to a field of flowers before approaching the Whispering Woods. The woods act as a barrier that prevents the Horde from entering Bright Moon. After Adora freed the magic stored in the Heart of Etheria in Season Five, the land and buildings in The Fright Zone all became covered with vegeataion. Scorpia's people, the Scorpioni, once lived in The Fright Zone, presumably for generations. They had possession of an Elemental Runestone — the Black Garnet, which was given to Hordak by Scorpia's family after he invaded. According to Scorpia, the Horde crash-landed in her backyard . The Horror Hall was the court of the kingdom, and it was presided over by Scorpia's royal family. Once Hordak assumed control over The Fright Zone, it remained the base of operations for The Horde on Etheria. Later on, throughout their childhood years, Adora and Catra become the center members of the Fright Zone. As Adora began to see the world outside of the Fright Zone, she realized the evil nature and immorality of The Horde. After making this realization, Adora left. Catra didn't want to join her and blamed her for "leaving" her. The Fright Zone, now officially led by Force-Captain Catra, declared war on the Princesses Alliance and She-Ra to gain power over Etheria.

Helghsast War[]

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Chicago is the second Helghast capital and the largest city on midwest . It was founded by the Helghan Corporation and named after the company's CEO, Philip Vekta. The city was designed to serve as a bridge between two of Vekta's largest landmassesA bustling metropolis befitting a wealthy planet with close ties to the United Colonial Nations, the city was home to at least 150 million people with several tourist traps and luxurious shopping malls. Originally the city was built by the Helghan Corporation in 2129 and was the site of the Helghast surrender in the First Extrasolar War. Over the years the city grew larger. It has several districts dedicated to spacecraft maintenance and housed a large portion of the Vektan ISA's planetary army garrison.

As of the cold war, Vekta City was divided in half in which Helghast refugees occupied a region of the city which they dubbed New Helghan. By 2390, Vekta City boasted a population of approximately 25 million composing 44% Vektans and 56% Helghast. When the Helghast Third Army touched down on Vekta during the outbreak of the Second Extrasolar War in 2357, the defending companies of the Rapid Reaction Force both inside and outside the city's limits were quickly overrun and destroyed, especially when Helghast troops aided General Stuart Adams in taking control of the ISA's orbital weapons platform, using its ordnance on the main ISA fortress in the city, flattening the fortress and causing massive collateral damage to the city, although not destroying it completely. This left the helpless civilian population to be ruthlessly slaughtered by Helghast troops in a fit of genocidal fury. In addition, the city itself was further devastated in the first hours of the war due to the Helghast's indiscriminate use of heavy weaponry against the Vektans.

However, Helghast control of the city was severely reduced after reinforced, re-equipped, and reinvigorated ISA forces mounted vicious counterattacks in attempts to retake the city. In the later days of the Vektan conflict, the ruined city was turned into a full-scale war zone as the ISA and the remains of the Third Army fought for control. Eventually, the Helghast Third Army was forced into total retreat, abandoning the city and other captured territory, while any Helghast remnants were hunted down and killed or captured. When the conflict on Vekta subsided, the ISA began rebuilding Vekta City, taking at least 6 years to do so. Following the UNC counter-invasion and subsequent devastation of Helghan, the UNC offered the Helghast survivors refuge on Vekta some time after the conflict subsided in order to broker peace. However, due to the unrest between the Helghast and Vektans, Vekta City was divided in half by heavily armed, towering walls and the Helghast were moved into the region known as New Helghan. Both civilizations live in starkly contrasting lives on either side of the walls; the Vektans live in a well designed urban landscape with clean energy devices such as water falls to provide power to many buildings and a sprawling railway system crosses the city. The Helghast live in sprawling mobile dormitories that circle many factories.

Tensions are constantly high in areas bordering these walls, with one of the main points of violence being the border areas that separate the ISA and Helghast sections of Vekta City. For their part, the Vektan ISA has stationed several ISA Cruisers on their side of the wall on Vekta City, to monitor and contain any hostile incursions from the Helghast, whom have made similar preparations on their side.

The UNSC[]


The Greater Chicago Industrial Zone, alternatively "the Zone" or Chicago, is a human city in the United Republic of North America on Earth. It is located on the shore of Lake Michigan. The city was the third most populous in the URNA and is considered a major city of Earth. Formerly a city of the United States of America, the Zone is now a vast urban sprawl covering large parts of what used to be the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The Great Lakes Spaceport is located near the city. A UNSC recruiting center existed on the city's older near-north side. Chicago had its own child services, the Zone Protective Services The city maintained a Maglev train system. It ran along the same elevated system that older trains used to run on. The Zone also had a police force that drove white and blue sedans. It was home to an AMG Transport Dynamics facility. Acheron Security also had a facility for testing the Tactical Autonomous Robotic Defense System By 2542, Chicago was the third most populated city of the United Republic of North America on Earth, after New York City and Los Angeles. In 2524, Avery Johnson returned to his home of Chicago while on leave. At some point after 2553, an Outpost Discovery was setup in Chicago for the Super Soldier Program for the Spartan-II as Chicago became a industrial Power for the UNSC.

Old Chicago[]

Old Chicago desktop.jpg

By the Year 2675, Old Chicago is a human city located on Earth. As its name implies, Old Chicago may be from the Golden Age of humanity before the Collapse.  There is some degree of conflict on it as humanity tries to reclaim its former glory. The city is located in the middle of a big swamp. It is also where a Guardian found the Exotic Pulse Rifle Graviton Lance.



Chicago for over 700 years took control of the world in secret under the control of BNL, a men's suit company in the Midwest during the 1960’s. (note how there once was an apostrophe after the n). The dates of Buy Yogurt's founding and its acquisition of Large Industries are unknown. However, by the year 2057, as shown on the Buy n Large website, the conglomerate became a worldwide leader in the fields of aerospace, agriculture, construction, consumer goods, corporate grooming, earth transport, electronics, energy, engineering, finance, food services, fusion research, government, hydro-power, infrastructures, media, medical science, mortgage loans, pet care, pharmaceuticals, psychotherapies, ports and harbors, real estate, repairs, retail, robotics, science/health, space, storage, super centers, super grids, travel services, utilities, and watermills. Pretty much everything known to man. The corporation's control affected other companies as well. It seemed as though other businesses wanted BnL to buy them out, such as Headr Inc. which gave BnL control of the world news headlines.

Buy n Large continued to expand its efforts for control so much that by the year 2105, Buy n Large had over two million wholly owned subsidiaries, governmental bodies, and health care centers. It had finally become a world leader in every conceivable field including world leadership. The Buy n Large Corporation's control over world governments was overseen by a global CEO, at the time it was Shelby Forthright. There was also a board of directors that approved Operation Cleanup. By giving the entire population on Earth (it was over 200 billion as seen in a newspaper) "the right to spend", humanity went into a state of mass consumerism which covered the entire planet in un-recycled refuse.

As a solution to their problem, Buy n Large manufactured the Axiom cruise line for the humans to stay on while WALL-E units and Incinerators cleaned up the trash. Originally, the cruise was intended to last five years until the BnL CEO Shelby Forthright proclaimed Earth unable to support life due to extreme toxicity. The Axiom and the rest of the starliners had to remain in space due to Directive A-113. After Buy n Large officially abandoned Earth in 2110, Shelby Forthright and all other humans supervising the cleanup had everything shut down and left.


Chicago was instantly destroyed by the amount of Alien punishments' of nuclear warheads as the city lay waste in ruins with no life forms to preserve.



Chicago after 2000 years of isolation became a skyward metropolis known as Aleero City. Kerwan is home to Aleero City, which features the Hall of Heroes, the headquarters of the Galactic Rangers. Aleero City is invaded by Chairman Drek, who sends a warbot army from a Class G Dreadship led by Victor Von Ion to destroy the Galactic Rangers and stop them from interfering with his plans. The Rangers fight the warbots from their Hall of Heroes, and are mostly unsuccessful. However, Ratchet and Clank arrive, using Mr. Micron's ship with Mag-Boosters that allow them to take down the Dreadship by throwing warbots into it. This destroys the warship and ends the assault. Shortly afterwards, Qwark, after being put on the spot by reporters, recruited Ratchet and Clank to the Rangers. After many failed attempts by multiple Villians to Destroy the city, Ratchet and Clank soon were instantly Separated by the chaos of the Demensinator only for New Female Lombax named Rivetto join the party.