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StarDog and TurboCat is a 2019 British 3D computer-animated superhero film produced by Head Gear Films and Screen Yorkshire and distributed by Kaleidoscope Film Distribution and Viva Kids. The film was animated by British animation studio Red Star 3D. Originally titled SpaceDog and TurboCat, the film was directed and written by Ben Smith and features the voices of Nick Frost, Luke Evans, Gemma Arterton, Bill Nighy, Ben Bailey Smith, Charli D'Amelio and Cory English.

It received mixed reviews from critics, who generally approved of the film's animation but considered the film itself unsophisticated.

In 1969, a dog named Buddy is launched into space with a backpack in a space capsule by his owner, David. However, soon after leaving Earth, the capsule malfunctions and shocks Buddy, mutating his DNA and giving him superpowers before flying out of orbit, leaving Buddy frozen and floating in space.

50 years later, the capsule reenters Earth's atmosphere, causing Buddy to crash land back on Earth in the fictional town of Glenfield, where he awakes in a dumpster. After Buddy attempts to speak with a human, he is met with frightened and angry reactions from the townspeople, to the confusion of Buddy. He discovers that the capsule has gone missing. He sees a police truck and chases it for several blocks until it stops at the police station. Buddy finds a caged dog in the trunk of the truck, who asks Buddy to help free him. Officer Peck then exits the vehicle and takes the caged dog into the station, which is connected to the local animal pound.

Buddy runs into a nearby alley, where he is introduced to Felix (known by his superhero alias TurboCat) who lassoes and electrocutes Buddy, who he believes is a stray dog, dragging him into a Batmobile-like vehicle. TurboCat then drives away into a gadget-filled secret hideout in the Glenfield Museum, where his robot butler, Sinclair, awaits him. Once there, TurboCat reveals to Buddy that humans hate animals in Glenfield, and that Officer Peck is responsible for putting stray animals in the pound, where they are never seen again. Buddy explains his situation to TurboCat, which he does not believe, and tells him that he wants to find a space capsule so that David might find him, to which TurboCat replies that he might be willing to assist Buddy if he brings him milk. Buddy finds milk in the lunch packed by David and brings it to him, but is turned down. Buddy also hands Felix the carrot he found, and it is revealed that the carrot belonged to Cassidy, a rabbit who Felix has a crush on.

Felix goes off to find Cassidy, but is stopped by Officer Peck. As Felix runs away, he is followed closely by Buddy. Eventually, Felix hops on Buddy's back, and Buddy suddenly starts to run with superhuman speed. After escaping Officer Peck, Buddy and Felix arrive at a grocery store called the Mega Store, where Cassidy's carrot came from. The two break into the store and Buddy becomes distracted by items in the store.